Queen Size Mattress – 14 Inch Cool Memory Foam & Spring Hybrid Mattress with Breathable Cover – Comfort Plush Euro Pillow Top – Rolled in a Box – Oliver & Smith



Price: $319.99
(as of Jul 18, 2023 08:30:01 UTC – Details)

The Oliver & Smith Pocket Spring Cool Memory foam is a premier luxury mattress. It ranks up against the best mattress that department stores or Amazon Carries. We owe this to comforts 600 tempered steel independently-encased coils which create an equal weight distribution to help relieve any pressure points along your neck shoulders back and hips. Another advantage to the independently-encased coil structure is it reduces motion disturbance and extends the life of the springs. Don’t let the price fool you. This is the best mattress in the market for its price. The 14 Inch Queen Size Mattress is a mattress of luxury. Designed to provide a comfortable sleep, Queen is just what you need. The mattress features a revolutionary Ventilated Organic Cotton Cooling Cover and multi-layered Pressure Relieving Foam to keep you cool at night. Additional features include a 100% natural, Organic Ventilating Cooling Cover & ventilated, multi-layered Pressure Relieving & Cooling Memory Foam.
BREATHABLE & PRESSURE RELIEVING: Multi-layered Pressure Relieving & Cooling Memory Foam. The outside cover comprises a cooling material, and the memory foam layer is injected with gel foam, which regulates your body’s temperature and keeps the mattress cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
HYBRID: Mattresses with the combination of foam and coils can also help regulate temperature and offer motion isolation, reducing the impact of partner movement during sleep.
CERTIFIED: 100% Green Foam Certification ensures that foam products are made with renewable resources, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and minimal waste and pollution.
QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS IN A BOX: Unpacking and setting up a mattress in a box is quick and easy, and typically takes only a few hours for the mattress to fully expand and take its full shape.