Superfine Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket – Lightweight Alpaca Merino Wool Throw Blankets for Using Indoors or Outdoors | Soft Peruvian Alpaca Blanket Wool Blanket Solid Color 72″ x 60″ (Soft Blue)



Price: $149.99
(as of Aug 05,2023 08:25:30 UTC – Details)

COZY COMFORT MEETS ELEGANT DESIGN: From chilly autumn evenings to the dead of winter, staying comfortably warm at night isn’t always easy. Thin blankets made with synthetic materials do little to shield you from the cold, making it impossible to enjoy a restful sleep. Our alpaca wool throw blanket solves that problem so you don’t ever have to worry about uncomfortable sleep again.
✔ Size: 72″ x 60″
✔ Heavenly soft and warm
✔ Perfect for any couch or bed
✔ Full range of stunning colors
✔ For best results, dry clean only

PERFECT FOR A COLD NIGHT: Snuggle up with our alpaca wool throw blanket for comfort you can’t find anywhere else. Our wool throw blanket wraps you in a cloak of warmth that effectively blocks out cold. But because it remains breathable, there’s no uncomfortable overheating. Order your wool throw blanket now and wrap yourself in comfort!
WHY CHOOSE OUR ALPACA WOOL BLANKET? We offer a full range of stunning color combinations, ensuring there’s a design that suits your taste, lifestyle and décor. Made in Peru by skilled artisans, we deliver quality right to your front door. Our wool blanket’s selected fibers result in a strong, durable fabric you’ll love for years to come.
GIFT OUR ALPACA WOOL BLANKET TO ANY LOVED ONE! Our wool throw blanket is perfect for watching TV in a couch or a bed, or even to go outdoors! It delivers go-anywhere warmth when you need it most. While similar throw blankets can be stiff and scratchy, ours is incredibly soft and smooth. Our wool blanket will make the perfect gift to anyone, even you! ADD TO CART NOW!
ULTRA SOFT AND NEVER ITCHY: We designed our soft alpaca wool throw blanket to be itch-less and cozy so you can bring the comfort of home wherever you go. Our wool throw comes in a variety of different colors and in a 72″ x 60″ size. Enjoy yourself the warmness of our alpaca merino wool blanket when watching TV or when taking a nap in the afternoon
EASY TO CARE: Just handwash your alpaca blanket with warm water and a soft soap, hang it to let it dry and you are ready to use it again!
MADE IN PERU: Fabricated from elite materials, our lightweight alpaca merino wool throw blanket will last for years to come. We wanted to make sure we designed our alpaca merino wool blankets with quality in mind so you never have to worry about our throw blankets breaking down on you. Curl up in your new alpaca merino throw blanket and experience comfort like never before
GREAT GIFT FOR ADULTS AND ELDERS: Our washable wool throw blanket will be the perfect gift for any adult or elder. The luxurious feel and comfortable weight are added bonuses to the warmth and insulation our Peruvian wool throw blanket offers. Gift one to your dad for Christmas or your grandmother for her birthday, you could even gift this to yourself. You deserve it