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Good morning, beautiful friends! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. We did…and I received a one hour massage gift from my hubby and little man. They knew exactly what this preggy momma needed!

I love reading blogs that keep my creativity going. Since we are renting, my decorating “secret” is to create pretty vignettes and DIY projects that are temporary…not like moving a wall or remodeling. Ha! While not all of my favorite home decor blogs are specifically for renters, you can take bits and pieces and make them work in your home.

Here are 10 Amazing Home Decor blogs where I always find inspiration!

Besides loving the Nester because she’s the Nester, I love that she is a fellow renter who loves where she is. She has created a beautiful home and she craves simplicity which I adore. Her solution for a renter’s kitchen backsplash is brilliant…and yes, it includes hot glue. 🙂

Kevin and Layla have such a passionate creativity for life and home design that it’s impossible to not catch the fever while perusing their blog. They are expert stylists and I love how they infuse every project with a vintage vibe. Using old, unique pieces in your home decor is a fabulous way to add character.

If you have a piece of furniture that’s been begging for a coat of paint, but you’re not quite sure where to start, let me tell ya…my friend Shaunna can hook you right up. She inspires me to pick up a paintbrush and just go for it. Reading her blog inspires me to be better…a better mom, better decorator and a more fearless painter.

Every time I click over to Kate’s blog, I know I will be inspired with some gorgeous eye candy. Kate has impeccable taste and a glamorous yet practical style. She creates gorgeous furniture from the most unlikely of pieces, unique crafts, everyday decorating projects that anyone can do and she can cook too!

Sarah’s blog was one of the very first home/diy blogs that I ever read. Needless to say, I was hooked on how she makes beautiful things all while on a budget.  Sarah’s home has evolved over the years and it’s still evolving. I love watching the process!  I’m pretty sure that I got hooked on using spray paint while reading Sarah’s blog. 🙂

This blog is newer to me, but I love the beautiful projects and photos.  I’m always inspired when I check out the tutorials {many of which are renter friendly!} and the house tour. Get a glass of sweet tea, sit down with your computer and you’ll be occupied for a while on the house tour!

Where do I start? I adore Darlene, the designer, behind Fieldstone Hill Design. Besides being the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, she has a fine-tuned eye for beautiful home decor. She has a fabulous portfolio full of inspiration and  her “ditto” posts are my favorite. Darlene takes gorgeous rooms apart bit by bit and shows how you can take elements and make them work in your home.

My friend Emily is the Decor Chick. I’ve been reading her blog for as long as I can remember…way before we were close friends. I love the way that she’s transformed her home over time. Bit by bit, Emily adds pieces to her home that she loves. Look what she created out of a simple drawer. She doesn’t have a mantel, but a Pottery Barn Ledge that she decorates as a mantle…love it!

I’ve been reading Emily’s blog for a while and I love the decorating inspiration that she shares. Her home is stunning with graphic patterns, dramatic colors and practical artwork {read: her children’s drawings}. She shares easy DIY projects and wonderful before and after photos of client spaces.

I could get lost on Young House Love for hours on end. John and Sherry are avid DIY-ers who amaze me with their energy, endless creativity and house decorating solutions. P.S. And I just love reading their blog because they make me laugh! 🙂

What is YOUR favorite home decor blog? I love to discover new ones!!!


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