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The Prostate Protocol vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News

Product Name: The Prostate Protocol vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News

Click here to get The Prostate Protocol vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News at discounted price while it’s still available…

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I suffered enlarged prostate for years. My prostate grew steadily – and showed no signs of stopping. Meds weren’t working.

And if it has gone on much longer surgery was a certainty.

Today, my prostate gland is in perfect health, BPH is a distant memory – and I never get up at night to pee!

Here’s what happened…

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

It’s been almost two years now since I last had any prostate problems.

It was touch-and-go at one point, though.

After I began mimicking a few things aging men with a healthy prostates do right and stopped doing a handful of mistakes men with enlarged prostates make, my prostate began to shrink!

My PSA blood tests (the most accurate test for enlarged prostate) went from a terrifying five to a healthy level of under one.

My doctor thought this had to be a mistake and forced me to take another test to confirm.

Before putting these small changes into action, I wasted the better part of most nights in the bathroom. Only to squeeze out a few drops here and there.

Now, I almost always sleep through and wake up refreshed and happy.

The blood in the pee is gone.

And my bladder empties completely.

This darn thing was ruining my life.

My daughter stopped me from babysitting after I left my grandchildren alone for 20 minutes at the movies to jump “quickly” to the toilet.

It broke my heart, but she was right.

I take them to the park, the movies, wherever we feel like.

I empty my bladder before leaving, and I don’t have to worry for hours.

I don’t count the sips of beer during the game just to make it to halftime anymore.

Or map out pitstops before taking a road trip (or even driving across town).

And I can visit friends and family without the embarrassment of getting stuck in the bathroom when my bladder just won’t let go.

But my wife and I had been looking forward to our golden years together. And I was wasting most of that time in the bathroom. Or worrying about having to go.

My wife was concerned about me.

But she was also irritated when I woke her up going to the toilet. So, I ended up sleeping in the guest room.

And when we had our alone time together, my little friend was severely impacted by my prostate issues.

We’re not 20 anymore, but our marriage is now intimate, fun, and playful.

 It’s all we ever wanted!

A great man named Scott Davis gave me the road map to healing my prostate.

Scott is somewhat of a legend in the alternative health world.

He’s the guy honorable doctors send their patients to when they run out of options.

So, when I refused to take any more meds (they were ineffective, and the side effects were killing me), my doctor’s response was:

I’m grateful my doctor was humble enough to admit he couldn’t help me. And wise enough to know that someone else could.

He would actually like to send all his prostate patients to Scott.

Because, like he says, “Scott gets the job done.

Something the medical system simply doesn’t have the tools to do.”

The problem is that many of his patients don’t want to put in the little effort it takes to heal their prostates.

Instead, they want him to prescribe a magic pill and be done with it.

Healing my prostate was easy enough, but it still required some action.

At first, I was highly skeptical that Scott could help.

I only agreed because I was desperate.

Traditional medicine had completely failed me.

And spending a lot of money on expensive prostate supplements had taught me the bitter lesson that they’re nothing but useless shams.

I believed diet and lifestyle changes could help. But I had no idea where to start.

So, I decided to take the leap of faith.

Because Scott has since stopped seeing people in person.

He says it takes too much time from his research and writing, and his time is better served there.

He’s the kind of person who is all about effectiveness.

He doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, promote himself, or do interviews.

That’s why you’re discovering his prostate approach by word of mouth from me, his eternally thankful client.

I want to pay this forward!

Because nobody else has uncovered the real underlying cause of enlarged prostate that Scott identified.

Therefore, nobody else can give you the roadmap to prostate health that he gave me and that I now want to give you.

The study researched a tribe in the Bolivian Amazon named Tsimane Amerindians. 

And what this study revealed changed everything.

You see, almost nobody in this tribe had an enlarged prostate. Even the oldest men.

But what this Oxford study failed to do was to identify WHY this tribe does not develop enlarged prostates.

And the quest for this WHY set Scott out on a mission.

So, Scott did what Scott does. He investigated things for himself.

He jumped on a plane down to the Bolivian jungles.

And began to study this and other tribes that don’t suffer enlarged prostates.

And that’s where he discovered… 

I’ll get back to this fundamental difference in a second.

Because Scott didn’t stop there…

After spending several months in the Amazon, he returned to the US. 

Here, he examined hundreds of elderly American men who do not suffer enlarged prostates.

You have probably been told the myth that all men will develop enlarged prostates with age.

That’s simply not true.

Because one in five men never develops an enlarged prostate, no matter how old they become.

Again, the traditional medical system has no explanation of WHY these men’s prostates don’t grow bigger. Or WHAT these men do (usually unknowingly) to keep their prostates in great shape.

Because those prostate-healthy American men confirmed…

You see, the prostate does not just start growing out of nowhere when men turn 50, 60, or 70.

This progress starts slowly in the early 30s — around the time men reach their peak in development.

The prostate overgrowth, however, begins so slowly that we don’t experience any symptoms until things have gone seriously wrong.

No body part has as much and as many types of hormones as the prostate does. 

And there is a very delicate dance between the different types of hormones.

Testosterone is the primary fuel of the prostate. Without it, the prostate would wither down and die.

But, just like sugar is a powerful fuel source, if we overeat sugar, we get fat.

In the same way, if the prostate takes in too much testosterone, it grows too big.

It becomes an enlarged prostate.

Fortunately, a healthy hormonal system has a way to handle spikes in testosterone.

Just like we pack away excess candy and hide it from the kids (so they don’t gulp it all up), the prostate does the same with testosterone.

Specific receptors inside the prostate wrap the testosterone neatly, use it as needed, and exhaust the excess.

Let’s call them “prostate receptors.”

If these prostate receptors are working well, it doesn’t matter how high your testosterone level is. These receptors will only let in what the prostate needs.

Just like we only give the kids a bit of candy no matter how full the pantry is.

And just to be clear, everyone has enough testosterone to balloon their prostate, even men with low testosterone levels.

The Tsimane Amerindians had exceptionally effective prostate receptors. 

And the same was true for American men in their 60s,70s, and 80s who did not develop enlarged prostates.

Some had high testosterone levels; others lower.

Some had low estrogen; others higher.

It didn’t make any difference. 

What mattered was how well their prostate receptors functioned.

For the men who had enlarged prostates, something began to damage their prostate receptors starting in their 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Let me explain what that something is.

The prostate receptors are like bouncers in an unruly bar. They need to be in excellent shape to handle the onset of testosterone.

In his 20s the bouncer can handle cheating a little bit on his diet. But if he keeps this up into his 30s and 40s, his belly will grow bigger, and he’ll get slower and weaker. 

And one day, when faced with a stampede, he’ll be run over.

Similarly, our prostate receptors could manage the things that damage them for decades.

But throughout our lives, they became weaker and less effective.

Until one day, our prostate receptors can’t balance the testosterone onset.

At that point, your prostate gets overrun by testosterone.

Like a kid on a sugar rush, the prostate gulps up all the testosterone it can get and balloons in size. 

In weeks or months, the prostate becomes two, four, even ten times the size it was before.

You have now developed an enlarged prostate!

Scott is no rookie when it comes to putting together natural solutions for serious health issues.

For more than five decades, he has helped people tackle pretty much every health issue under the sun naturally.

And his approach is straightforward:

Scott realized that for optimal prostate health, we need to provide our prostate receptors with nutrition that strengthens them.

And that nutrition comes from the food we eat.

So, Scott began to log the diets of elderly men who never developed enlarged prostates.

Then compared them to the diets of men suffering from enlarged prostates.

He analyzed over 500 different food types and ingredients.

Then he identified which food types and which ingredients are good and bad for prostate receptors.

But here comes the tricky part…

Although some of the food that is good for our prostate receptors also promotes general health, this is not always the case.

The prostate receptors need specific nutrition that is important to their health specifically rather than to general health.

And just like some food is bad for our general health, a few types of food are absolute killers when it comes to the wellbeing of the prostate receptors.

These are the types of food you must stop eating today.

Once the prostate is back to a healthy size, you can reintroduce these foods in smaller quantities.

But for now, you must eliminate these prostate destroyers from your diet.

Almost all “health gurus” praise this food as super healthy. But carrying out Scott’s strategy, I discovered that this food wrecks the prostate receptors.

And almost everyone eats this prostate destroyer daily.

It may be the number one reason you have an enlarged prostate.

After I cut out this one type of food, I felt a huge difference in my urine flow within days.

Scott doesn’t discover precise health gems like these sitting on his sofa making theories and speculations.

Unlike most self-claimed “health gurus,” he’s all about cold, hard practicality and effectiveness in the real world you and I live in.

He gave the prostate protocol to hundreds of men all over the world. 

Then he interviewed them repeatedly on their progress.

He studied what worked and what didn’t work for them.

And he adjusted the strategy accordingly.

Until one day, he was confident that his strategy could help everyone.

Fortunately for me, Scott had his strategy fully molded when I met him.

After our initial face-to-face meeting (which, in hindsight, wasn’t even needed), he handed me an approximately 150-page printout of the prostate protocol. 

The action plan pinpointed, day by day, what to eat that day and what to avoid.

It identified exactly the nutrition needed in each stage of the healing process and what could harm the prostate on that specific day.

Because some things, for example, can be harmful to the prostate in day one, even if they’re okay on day 10.

What’s more, this all felt easy peasy.

He presents everything in plain English that is easy to follow. No complicated lingo.

He makes sure that there is no confusion and that all possible questions are answered, every step of the way. (I even think he sometimes goes overboard on this.)

And I didn’t have to shop in expensive health food stores or search for specialized items on the Internet.

I got everything I needed for every step of the plan at my local supermarket.

I half-assed the prostate protocol.

The day-by-day action steps are very flexible.

They are meant as guidance for the absolute most effective approach to address an enlarged prostate.

At the same time, they give a lot of room for cheating without losing much on the results.

They were easy enough to follow. But still, I would say I only did around 50% of the things Scott suggested.

I cherrypicked what I felt suited me and left the things I didn’t feel like doing.

Even then, I experienced an almost immediate difference in urine flow and number of bathroom visits.

And, despite my laziness, an ultrasound confirmed that my prostate had shrunk down to a healthy size within weeks.

Even my PSA blood test, the most accurate test for identifying enlarged prostates, went from a terrifying five (which can even indicate cancer) to a super-healthy result of one.

I’m sure if I had given the plan 100%, my prostate would have healed even faster.

But lazy me, before beginning to work the program, I asked Scott:

“Yes,” he replied. “There are hundreds of overhyped prostate supplements out there.

All of them promise you a prince on a white horse and happily ever after.

And guess what… they’re worth less than the cheap plastic bottles they come in.

Yes, there are some good vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help. You can get them at your local supermarket.

But no one blend of supplements is going to shrink a prostate to a healthy size. 

Don’t let these unethical supplement manufacturers scam you. 

You know the ingredients list when you eat steamed beets, a bowl of rice, or a T-bone steak. 

Food is the medicine given to us by God.

Mother Earth writes the label. 

That’s one supplement nobody can forge.”

Scott was right, of course!

And once I understood how making minor changes to our diets can transform our health, I got frustrated.

Why would anyone take drugs or other pills when the same results are so easily achievable with food?

Without any further effort on my part, my prostate receptors became healthier and stronger.

The receptors began regulating how much testosterone my prostate received.

Once my prostate stopped overconsuming testosterone, it shrunk and stopped pressing on my bladder and urine tract.

My urine flow returned to normal, my bladder emptied normally, and I stopped having to go to the toilet every ten minutes.

And once my bladder wasn’t under constant pressure anymore, the infection cleared up, and I stopped pissing blood.

After experiencing how effective these action steps are, I got upset about how few people know about them.

I wanted Scott to go on TV and radio, write books, and do everything required for the masses to know about his incredible approach.

But Scott is highly concerned that his methods not be influenced by any institutions. 

That’s why he refuses to join any medical facilities or drug or supplement manufacturers. 

The honorable doctors who refer their patients to him (as mine did) do so of their own will. 

So, instead of running after mainstream media, Scott joined up with like-minded health experts. 

Together, they founded an independent publishing company named Blue Heron Health News.

These are the folks he trusts. 

And this is the only place you can get your hands on Scott David’s Prostate Protocol…

I have led you to this place so you can make your own decision.

Are you going to suffer another day of an enlarged prostate, or are you going to do something about it?

Admittingly, most people decide on inaction. 

Like infants, they don’t want to take responsibility for their own health.  

Instead, they default to being fed harmful medication by big pharma, even if it helps little or nothing.

And even if the side effects often create worse health issues than the initial disease.

FDA warns about side effects ranging from erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems to serous skin rash, men’s breasts, and dizziness to even more serious side effects such as cancer and kidney failure.

Or they run from one supplement to another, hoping that a magical solution will effortlessly cure them.

I don’t think you’d have listened to me for so long if you were the kind of person who wants to default to irresponsible infancy.

Not since you know all the facts now.

Like me, I believe you are willing to make a small effort to improve your prostate health.

I believe you want to enjoy… 

…and whatever other joy your enlarged prostate is robbing you of.

Scott’s action steps truly do not require much effort or sacrifice.

Especially compared to the horrendous hell of having an enlarged prostate.

So, why don’t you click here now to get your hands on Scott’s Prostate Protocol…

Because right now, you’re faced with…

I sometimes think in terror about what would have happened if I hadn’t taken the chance to execute Scott’s strategy.

Two years later, I’d still, like you, be waking up night after night, hour after hour, struggling to drain a few drops.

But by now, things would probably have become much worse.

Let’s face it: These are some of the roads that most men who do not address their enlarged prostates in time travel.

I sometimes compare this to people who pass on the opportunity to buy cheap stocks right before their prices spike.

Except in our case, it is our health, life, and wellbeing we would pass on.

It’s terrifying to think about passing on having a healthy prostate for a no-good reason.

You can’t put a price on that.

I thought it was a bit steep back then. But it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

At least, not if you click here to get full access to the Prostate Protocol now…

But hurry before it’s too late.

Because the only trouble I have now with sleep is sometimes waking up trembling, thinking about what would have happened if I had given up on the opportunity to apply Scott’s strategy. 

I’m sure that you, like me back then, are being tempted to give in to these thoughts.

Imagine the beautiful life you could be losing out on.

The terrifying health conditions you will face.

So please, PLEASE click here to get your hands on Scott David’s Prostate Protocol now…

Click here to get The Prostate Protocol vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Prostate Protocol vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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